Bar Of Houdini

10 kinds of the real Caucasian shashlik, Italian pizza, khachapuri, BBQ, children's menu, geographical wine, beer, hookahs, summer terrace.


Kazan is famous for its traditions, together with modern trends, fashion trends, exquisite cuisine and chic atmosphere are embodied in the Kazan bar Gudini!


Nice color Marengo, which covered our walls, adds to the already unique atmosphere of the place a special charm, which completely immerses You in the world of the great magician Harry Houdini.


But, the atmosphere is not the most interesting. Here You will be able to have a great time with friends on a summer Playground, family or together with your loved one over a delicious lunch or dinner, or to celebrate a joyful event at a fun party.


More 10 speciality Beers, more 30 names of wine, 50 types of spirits, 30 flavors of hookah tobacco and chic menu, includes the best European dishes:


  • Italian pizza;
  • Caucasian shashlik. delicious fish and vegetables on a real stone grill;
  • A large catalog of salads;
  • World gourmet desserts and more!


You can get to us is extremely easy, We are located in the center of Kazan, two minutes from the Kremlin! But, our visitors appreciate us not for the convenient location on the city map. Houdini bar is the place, where Your stay will be organized at the highest level: delicious food, professional and friendly waiters, sympathetic bartenders and amazing night parties!


Every weekend our restaurant is transformed into a modern night club with professional equipment, full of dance floor, gorgeous pagename and refined alcohol. And it lasts until morning, a smooth transition to After-party.


Give us a call, and You will be able to book a table at a convenient time and day, and night – polite and tactful administrator will always find the best solution to stay in the restaurant Houdini!

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Bar on Bauman

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